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Think cheng mall is a membership shopping mall, membership status is different to enjoy the rights and services are different.

I. individual members

Individual membership as ordinary members;

1.1 ordinary members -- any individual with full capacity for civil conduct can register as ordinary members of sicheng mall;

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2. Business members:

According to different enterprise attributes, the main roles of merchant members are divided into three categories: supplier members, purchasing distributor members and service provider members.

2.1 supplier member - brand product trademark holders, the brand trademark holders authorized sole operator (total generation, total distribution, brand operators, etc.), approved by the platform audit, cheng brand flagship store after five members, can open the brand's flagship store five star stores, shops, the highest level), the flagship store has obvious brand identity, in cheng mall has uniqueness, the brand's flagship store in mall operations in the form of a single brand (the brand's flagship store can only be released with the corresponding product information);

2.2 purchasing distributors members - agents, distributors, wholesalers purchasing channels such as distributors, after through by platform become members think cheng purchasing distributor for samsung, can open cheng samsung store, store has obvious business logo, can be in the form of a single brand or brand shop in the mall to operating brand released (the shop all products must pass holders of registered trademark or brand authorization);

2.3 service members - entity stores auto service success in si cheng brand car product mall namely si cheng brand car mall in national authorized automobile services, to provide individual members think cheng mall brand product installation, construction and maintenance services, the service fee by authorized shops and consumers provide related services after agreement by both parties;

2.4 any business member who has successfully landed in sicheng mall can check the wholesale price, retail price and preferential price information of all levels of SKU data in the mall at any time;

2.5 if any business member meets the requirements, he/she can apply for the five-star membership of sicheng flagship store, open a five-star store of the flagship store, and promote and sell the brand products through sicheng platform.

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