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Double 11 stock up on nikon D610! May accidentally become a "sea view room"

2019-12-10 Editor:Super administratorSource:Original

         The nikon D5 has a lot to offer, and I think it's a genuine effort. The pixel level has been increased to 20 million, and the maximum sensitivity has been refreshed to ISO3280000, providing unprecedented high photographic quality. In addition, the focus system has been upgraded to 153 points. It also supports the continuous shooting speed of 12 shots per second and 4K video shooting. These numerous highlights make up the D5 such a product.


 These advantages make the nikon D5 became a stage hand with SLR cameras, and sports photographers to capture extremely high request, therefore the nikon D5 greatly upgrade, although feel a little surprised, but with the games, the flagship of SLR competition is also fierce battle, nikon D5 rival Canon 1 d Mark II X we have reviewed and live view focus and video shooting to let a person leave deep impression, nikon D5 as shown in the parameter list?

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